1000m2 factory for rent with quality infrastructure in Kizuna

factory Sep 28, 2020

Currently, the construction of ready-built factories for business is being selected by many enterprises. Ranging from 250m2 factory for rent to 7000m2 factory for rent, Kizuna is a reputable rental lessor in Long An, Viet Nam. Particularly, Kizuna is one of the lessors of factory for rent with high-quality infrastructure with ready-built factory, including a 1000m2 factory for rent model. When coming here, enterprises will choose the appropriate small or large factories. Kizuna also provides a lot of accompanying support services.

1000m2 factory for rent

4 Models of 1000m2 factory for rent in Kizuna

1. 1000m2 factory for rent with steel structures

The structure of this factory consists of steel frame with surrounded sheet metal section and roofs. Factory model with steelframe is easy to expand the area. Therefore, enterprises can upgrade or refurbish it. Kizuna is a lessor of 1000m2 factory for rent that worth your attention. The strength of the factory is very good fire resistance due to its high design. This is also a factory model with a long construction time and a lot of material.

1000m2 factory for rent

Modern 1000m2 factory for rent area

2. 1000m2 factory for rent with transparent sheet metal roofs

This 1000m2 factory for rent is characterized by a roof designed with transparent layers. This helps to increase the natural light source for the factory. This type of factory is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Its interior design is very open, spacious and convenient for transportation.

3. 1000m2 factory for rent with many windows

The 1000m2 factory for rent has many windows to make the atmosphere inside the factory ventilated. It takes natural light to ensure brightness during production. Inside the factory, there are many windows plus the roof that is insulated with corrugated iron. Moreover, the amount of light from the windows saves a significant amount of electricity for enterprises.

1000m2 factory for rent kizuna

4. 1000m2 factory for rent with narrow walls and sheet metal roofs

The structure of this 1000m2 factory for rent model includes sheet metal walls, steel pillars and sheet metal roofs. The base of the steel pillars is made of concrete to ensure stability. Kizuna leases a 1000m2 factory for rent which is most suitable to make a warehouse Vietnam, warehouse for rent (rent a warehouse) with solid features. In addition, this factory model is suitable for long-term manufacturing enterprises.

Utilities inside 1000m2 factory for rent provided by Kizuna

Kizuna wishes to bring the best quality service factories for SMEs. The company provides a variety of utilities inside the quality factory for enterprises such as:

- Comprehensive and easily accessible system of technical infrastructure and utilities of the industrial park

- Modern electricity supply, water supply or drainage systems, etc., in the factory

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