4 Reasons why industrial space for rent is the best choice for SMEs

factory rental Sep 20, 2020

Recently, more and more enterprises are choosing factory space for rent as their producing space. These factories now overweight others thanks to the modern technology applied in the construction and also their impressive advantages. Read this article to find out more about this type of industrial space for lease.

What is an industrial space for rent?

Industrial space is a building with at least 3 floor, used for manufacturing, production, fabrication and assembling. An good industrial space will meet the demand of many types of manufactoring job such as textile, electrical component, chemicals,... under a roof.

For enterprises, the location of the industrial space for rent has a great influence on the business efficiency. However, it is not always simple for enterprises to find the balance between capitals and the quality of the factory, as the rent of a factory in a good location is often high. Given that a quality factory has to satisfy these three criteria: location, working space and utilities, the rental service of industrial space for lease is born to solve this question.

Why should choose industrial space for lease?

1. Industrial space for rent is a way to optimal usage of a limited area

As the feature of an industrial factory is big and heavy machines, enterprises often have to look for low-rise factories to insure safety. However, due to limited land funds, they cannot build many factories. Therefore, the industrial space for rent are the best option to optimize land use for construction. A industrial space for lease has a lot of floors but enterprises normally choose to rent one factory on one floor; while another option for enterprises is to rent both the first and second floor of a two-floor row-factory.

2. Operation cost and construction time will be saving effectively with industrial space for lease

In the current situation, it will take a huge amount of cost and area to build a factory. This is a considerable obstacle for the newly-established enterprises or those who are investing Vietnam. Whereas the industrial space for rent offers a number of benefits in terms of space. With a certain amount of money, enterprises can have a larger working space than using common factories.

Moreover, it is far cheaper to rent than to build a factory. This type of factory will certainly help to save cost and time spent on construction. The rent for a industrial space for lease ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 US dollars per m2 per month. Instead of spending money building a new factory, enterprises can focus on transporting machines to be able to operate. Also, by putting several working spaces in the same location, enterprises can save the cost of travelling and goods transportation between the factories and the warehouses.

industrial space kizuna 1

3. Industrial space for rent is modern, full-equiped and green

Industrial space is often fully equipped with high quality facilities to meet the demand of many businesses operating in a space. Materials used for construction of buildings must meet standards of manufacturing factory and have high durability. 24/7 Power system, factory ventilation system and security system are indispensable factors when establishing a industrial space. Besides, the office space and canteen are also arranged as a shared space for all employees to use comfortably.
In additions, the design of paths and stairs is also optimized for transporting goods and people to easily circulate. These are an outstanding advantage of the model of industrial space that SMEs are interested in today.

4. Industrial space for lease offers full suppporting services

Most agency providing industrial space for rent offers enterprise who signs the contract to lease a space, a professional service systems, includes: factory maintenance services, administrative services, transportation services, strategic consulting services, etc. With local experience and extensive relationships, all issues will be solved quickly and effectively.

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