Factory space for rent is the best choice for SMEs in 2020

factory rental Sep 20, 2020

Factory space for rent in industrial zones are suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ho Chi Minh City due to their low cost and favorable production conditions.

What is a factory space for rent / lease?

A Factory space for rent is built with multiple floors to save the land, chosen for use by many SMEs. It’s suitable for small and medium enterprises operating in supporting industries or high-tech. The factory space for rent model is well-equipped with facilities such as elevator, garage, power station, backup generator, fire suppression system. Investors are at ease to choose factory that vary from 250m2 to more than 80.000m2.

Why should small enterprises choose factory space for rent?

1. The affordable cost of factory space for rent reduce operation cost for SMEs

In the current situation, the construction of factory space for rent is costly and occupies a massive ​​land area, which poses a substantial challenge for business newly established or investing Vietnam. Also, the model of factory space for rent owns many benefits in terms of space. Businesses make a vast expenditure but have more working space than the usual factory. On the other hand, renting a factory is cheaper than building a factory. This model helps to optimize costs and save significant construction time. Factory space for rent costs only from 4.5 to 6.5 USD/m2/month. Enterprises only need to transport machinery to be able to operate the production. Moreover, the concentration of workspaces helps businesses save travel time or transport goods between factories and warehouses.

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2. Factory space for lease is perfectly designed for a stable, safe and continuous production

The characteristic of industrial production is the problem of bulky and heavy machinery. Hence, businesses need to find low-rise factory to ensure safety, but the construction of too many factories is impossible due to limited land. Therefore, the model of factory space for rent became the best option to save the construction area. Factory space for lease comes into two types. One model has plenty of floors, and businesses choose to rent a factory located on a specific floor. Another model is the adjacent factory, including one ground floor and one floor, businesses can rent the whole factory.

3. Factory space for rent offers SMEs convinient professional supporting services

With more than 50 services belonging to 7 service groups, Kizuna helps manufacturing enterprises begin the production process quickly, saving time and cost of carrying out legal procedures. Besides, the needs of personnel, administration, machine maintenance, accounting, cleaning services, etc. are also included in the services pack that Kizuna provides comprehensively to support heartfully the product stability of each enterprise in the Kizuna factory space for lease.

With a team of people knowledgeable in many languages ​​and understanding the needs of business owners, Kizuna always attempts to enthusiastically support domestic and foreign customers, providing real value to increase the value of businesses.

Factory space for rent

Which bussiness fields suiting factory space for lease?

Factory space for rent in Vietnam industrial zones are suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ho Chi Minh City due to their low cost and favorable production conditions. Enterprises who are operating in the inner city, demanding production expanding, are required to go to the industrial park. In the long term, the city also plans to move these enterprises to the industrial park to avoid pollution. However, the land fund for the manufacturing industry in the city is about to run out; some industrial parks in the city have high occupancy rates with large areas of for-rent land and high rental land prices, making it difficult for small businesses to access. Therefore, the advantage of factory space for lease is the possibility to gather small and medium-sized enterprises in the same number of industries to form supportive industrial clusters, creating a connection between businesses in the same supply chain. On the other hand, the city also supports the infrastructure developer in stimulating loans to reduce the cost of factory space for rent.

In particular, the model of factory space for lease is particularly suitable for small manufacturing enterprises such as:

- Cosmetic production

- Food production

- Electronic components production

- Pharmaceutical production

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