Ideal location of Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent

factory rental Oct 23, 2020

Long An is currently in the top of the hottest economic zones in southern Vietnam. In particular, ready-built workshop for rent in industrial zones are now preferred by many enterprises. However, how do enterprises find a supplier of reputable and quality ready-built workshop for rent? Kizuna is proud to be a prestigious supplier providing ready-built workshop for rent near HCMC. Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent always meet high-quality standards and offer an effective production environment for enterprises.

4 advantages in term of location of Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent

1. Strategic location of Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent

Kizuna ready-built workshops for rent are located in Tan Kim Industrial zone, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province. This province is in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam - also the southern key economic region. Moreover, in Long An, it is convenient to connect to "key" roads of Vietnam, including: National Roads 1A, 50, 62, N1, N2 and the dynamic road axis connecting HCMC - Long An - Tien Giang. This is a huge advantage of Kizuna standard ready-built workshop for rent.

 Kizuna factory

2. Long An attracts many domestic and foreign investors

Long An is gradually transforming itself to prove its very potential position in the real estate industry. The number of inhabitants tends to shift to the peri-urban areas, especially to Long An. In addition, the infrastructure system is being completed to increase the advantages for the province. For all these reasons,  the demand for real estate is becoming higher and higher. Looking for  and expanding markets in Long An is becoming a trend. In fact, many domestic and foreign investors have come and planned to establish the ready-built workshop for rent here.

Kizuna ready-built workshops for rent are located in Long An, which will bring many competitive advantages to enterprises. Ready-built workshop for rent and big factories in Kizuna have optimal architectural designs for production. Besides, the ready-built workshops for rent also have a 4-meter roof system which is very useful in all weather conditions. Therefore, Kizuna will be a reliable destination for enterprises who need factories or warehouses for rent near HCMC.

3. Favorable support policies

With Kizuna’s location, the enterprises will have many opportunities to develop production. Moreover, industrial zones in Long An, including Kizuna are prioritized and supported by local authorities. This aims to promote a strong economic development for Long An and the whole region.

Specifically, thanks to preferential policies for enterprises, the province's gross output has reached unprecedented levels. Economic growth in 2018 of Long An reached 10.36%, the highest in the Mekong Delta. The total budget revenue of 2018 reached over VND 14,800 billion, strongly boosting the economy of the whole province. By those figures, we can see that the location of Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent is very convenient for enterprises who desire to expand investment and production in Long An.

Kizuna is located in Tan Kim Industrial Park. This is considered as one of the Vietnam industrial zones with a complete infrastructure system and lots of incentives for enterprises who want to rent factories. Currently, the Government and the Long An provincial authority have been actively speeding up the progress of improving and upgrading the infrastructure for enterprises in the province. This is considered as a move to support enterprises to get access to ready-built workshops for rent of the province to develop in the best conditions.

 Kizuna factory

4. Access to many modern utilities and urban areas

Kizuna's location is adjacent to the modern urban area. The first is Ho Chi Minh City - the most developed economic center in Vietnam. The second is the Phu My Hung urban area with high concentration of foreigners. With this geographical location, enterprises will have easy transportation with modern urban areas. From Kizuna, enterprises can use road No. 50 to go to Ho Chi Minh City very quickly and easily with just 30 minutes by car. If enterprises want to go to Phu My Hung urban area, it takes only 25 minutes to go straight on national highway 50, turn right to Nguyen Van Linh.

The biggest difficulty of a ready-built workshop for rent is finding a reputable and qualified supplier. Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent will be a cost-saving factory for enterprises. With geographical advantages, Kizuna will be a partner that enterprises should not ignore. Renting Kizuna ready-built workshop for rent will be a smart, safe and economical choice.

Source: Ideal location of Kizuna


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