Pharmaceutical factory with GMP standards in Vietnam

factory Sep 23, 2020

GMP standards are implemented widely in many fields: Pharmacy, Food, Restaurants, Hotels,.. For the pharmaceutical factory, GMP are the principles and requirements which need to be followed to build a standard new factory in vietnam. So what are these requirements?

What is GMP stantard for a pharmaceutical factory?

GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” - which is a series of standards of good manufacturing used to control the factors that can have an impact on the goods’ quality. This aims to insure the best quality for the products. GMP is the conditions to develop the food safety management system ISO 22000.

GMP is related to all aspects of the production process, from quality control, risk control in terms of design, factory construction, devices, equipment, input materias to the packaging methods, the packaging, processing and preservation, etc. This offers enterprises a systematic, logical, scientific method of pharmaceutical factory management and minimizes the risk in doing business.

pharmaceutical factory

The GMP standards that a pharmaceutical factory needs to assure

1. Requirements about human resources for pharmaceutical factory

All positions need to have standard criteria to find and recruit the suitable staff in terms of qualifications and ability. Moreover, we should establish regulations about health checking in terms of mental, physical health and diseases for all employees, especially the workers who are directly involved in the production process.

2. Requirements about design, construction, factory and equiments

For the pharmaceutical factory, these requirements are essential. Enterprises have to respect regulations about the location of the factory, the design, the construction materials used to build the pharmaceutical factory and the suitable equipment to be able to produce quality products.

3. Requirements about clean environmental for pharmaceutical factory

Pharmaceutical enterprises need to establish rules about the treatment of water used in production, sewage, subproducts and waste, environmental and pharmaceutical factory’s sanitation.

4. Requirements about pharmaceutical product preservation and distribution

The standards are not only about good production. Pharmaceutical factory also need to have criteria about transportation and preservation so that the products are not contaminated by the physical, chemical, microbiological factors and do not change in quality.

pharmaceutical factory

List of well-known pharmaceutical factory / companies in Vietnam 2020

1. Traphaco Joint Stock Company

Traphaco JSC is a famous pharmaceutical company in Vietnam. During nearly 50 activities, the company honored to be in the prestigious categories such as Top 15 Vietnamese Strong Brands 2014, Top 10 Vietnamese Famous Brands, The Title of Vietnamese Medicines Star, and Top 50 Companies having the most productive business activity Vietnam.

2. Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is considered one of the leading companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector of Vietnam. The company specializes in manufacturing and trading pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetic products. Social responsibility regarded as a critical strategy to help DHG Pharma grow stably and sustainably.

As a pharmaceutical production and business unit, DHG Pharma always takes community benefits as the starting point for all activities. The company's community activities are not merely brand promotion activities, but it is the responsibility of a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing brand in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry.

3. Nam Ha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Nam Ha Pharmaceutical JSC (NAMHA PHARMA) specializes in manufacturing traditional medicines, producing soft capsules, producing tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules containing hormones, production of non-β lactam tablets, production of eye drops, ointment cream, nose drops, oral medicine (oral tube), etc. They have brought the most useful pharmaceutical products to improve the quality of life.

4. Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has a history of operation for 50 years. It has awarded countless prestigious items in production and business activities such as Vietnam Quality Award, logo "Cultural Entrepreneur", Golden Cup "For the advancement of society and sustainable development", the 2008 Vietnam Gold Star Award, top 50 gold products and services voted by consumers in the year 2012, the award for the development of community culture, top 10 best brands in Vietnam in 2015, etc.

5. DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint Stock Company

DOMESCO Medical Import-Export JSC was born in 1989. DOMESCO is a large enterprise specializing in the production and import and export of drugs, raw materials and auxiliary materials for human medicine, biological products for human use, animals, plants, chemicals for testing and vaccines, etc.

The distribution system of DOMESCO Medical Import-Export JSC scattered throughout the country. It has business relationships with most Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies and more than 18 foreign pharmaceutical firms, exporting goods to many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, etc.

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