Ready-built medium factory attracts domestic & foreign firms

factory Sep 20, 2020

With the current economic circumstance, the necessity of expanding and investing in production is an indispensable demand for domestic and foreign enterprises. In which, the development of production in the form of ready-built medium factory has been attracting various businesses. This form promotes many advantages that make manufacturers feel more secure when choosing. Many experts also believe that ready-built medium factory is an excellent opportunity that domestic and foreign enterprises can't ignore.

medium factory

The market's situation of ready-built medium factory for rent in Vietnam

1. Hunt ready-built medium factory for rent

Choosing a high - quality factory on demand is not an overnight affair. Enterprises will have to take a quite sustained time to pick the most proper ready-built medium factory for rent. Mr. Massaki Demura - Head of the supplies department of Tabuchi Corp shared that it took him half of a year to find a suitable ready-built medium factory for rent. During this time, he surveyed in a lot of industrial zones in some provinces near HCMC. The fact that he did not choose a factory in HCMC is because of the expensive cost and other disadvantages. Meanwhile, the price of factory for rent near HCMC is much lower.  Besides, the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City have more conditions that he believed beneficial for his business. Lastly, he decided to rent a ready-built medium factory in Long An that made him feel most satisfied. This factory is called Kizuna 1, located in Tan Kim Industrial Zone. He also shared that he felt very pleased because the service team was able to speak Japanese. Therefore, the process of communicating and giving opinions on both sides carried out very smoothly.

medium factory kizuna

Not only Japan, but a range of enterprises from other countries also take many interests in this model. Mr. Tony Grosso, director of Perfect Trading Total International Co., Ltd., is also one of the various investors reaching ready-built medium factory. He shared the most inadequate step in renting a ready-built medium factory was the price. Renting a workshop in HCMC is too expensive compared to his anticipation. Meanwhile, cheap medium factory will often be so far from the city center. After the time of studying about the price of medium factory for rent near HCMC, he felt that Long An was the most proper place. Specifically, Mr. Tony Grosso chose to rent a 650m2 serviced workshop in Kizuna. Kizuna has introduced a moderate cost of ready-built medium factory for rent near HCMC. With this price, he could easily invest in production with the existing capital.

These are just two of the innumerable situations looking for medium factory to invest in the business. Thereby we can find that this model is attracting many domestic and foreign enterprises.

medium factory kizuna 4

2. Potential but need a long-term capital

The model of ready-built medium factory for rent to serve business is becoming more and more popular that leads to the appearance of many service workshops. However, the number of high - quality medium factory meeting the demands of domestic and foreign enterprises is very small.

In fact, to complete a model of standard medium factory for renting will take a lot of time and money. Moreover, the time for recovering the capital of building workshops for rent is very long. The rental agencies with strong development potential must need at least 10 years to take back the initial capital effectively. In particular, the initial capital is not less so that it is challenging to fight with experienced rental companies.

medium factory 3

However, the prestigious agencies providing medium factory for rent in South Vietnam - Kizuna still affirmed to continue investing in this market - rent a factory near hcmc now. The price of medium factory for rent near HCMC in Kizuna always comes with attractive incentives. Besides, the medium factory are built with a diversity of scale to satisfy all customer demands. Typically: 200m2 factory, 500m2 factory, etc to 10,000m2 factory.

Ready - built medium factory for rent are a form of expanding production that attracting lots of domestic and foreign enterprises. An outstanding issue of them is that the price of medium factory for rent near HCMC is very reasonable. It makes enterprises feel secure due to the low initial investment costs and limited risks.

Source: Medium factory


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