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investment Sep 22, 2020

The shift to electronics manufacturing industries and electronic motherboard companies of direct foreign investment capitals in Vietnam has increased more and more. The big corporations such as Samsung, Microsoft and LG now have a tendency to move their manufacturing units and manufacturing factories to Vietnam. With these advantages, the electronics manufacturing service companies or the electronics factories have many favorable conditions to develop. So what are the procedures for an electronics manufacturing services company to be established?

electronics manufacturing company

The procedures for registering the Investment Registration Certificate for an electronics manufacturing services company

What is Electronics Manufacturing Services company? What are types of electronics manufacturing services company?

According to Wikipedia:

"Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is a term used for companies that design, manufacture, test, distribute, and provide return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The concept is also referred to as electronics contract manufacturing."

Most of grant EMSs are built in China. Here, they can easily reach the huge available source of materitals and reduce production cost effectively. Besides, next to China, Vietnam is becoming the best second choice for EMSs.

There are various types of Electronics manufacturing services by supplier. Any given partner may offer anywhere from one to all of these services:

- PCB assembly

- Cable assembly

- Electromechanical assembly

- Testing

- Prototyping

- Aftermarket services

Vietnam becomes an ideal place for big electronics manufacturing services company

Vietnam, a small country next to China, has a potential market and a stable political system attracting many big manufacturing companies desire to set up their quality factory here. These factors help Vietnam become an ideal investment destination for big technology enterprises in the world, especially food production, textile, pharmaceutical factory and electronics manufactoring service ones.

Besides, Vietnam goverment desire to encourage the manufacturing and production industry by reducing tariff and landing cost for companies locating their factories in Vietnam. This leads to significant foreign investment increase in electronics manufacturing service market. According to latest statistics, the Vietnamese electronics industry has attracted more than 10 billion USD of FDI. Most of this capital came from big names such as Samsung, Foxconn, LG, Panasonic, Intel, Electronics, Nokia.

Thus, Vietnam's vibrant and safe electronics market is a potential competitive market for electronic manufacturing services companies. The enterprises will have the opportunities to cooperate, associate and learn from the others to develop together.

electronic manufacturing services company

Is it easy to establish a EMS company in Vietnam?

How to establish an electronics manufacturing services company in Vietnam?

The procedures for registering the Investment Registration Certificate for an electronics manufacturing services company in Vietnam

- Proposal paper for running the investment project of opening an electronics manufacturing service company and quality of factory in Vietnam.

- Photocopy of identity card for individual investors, photocopy of License for Establishment of the company or equivalent documents. The institutional investors need to have a verified legal status proved on the submitted documents.

- Proposal of the investment project.

- Photocopy of one of the following documents: financial report of the two recent years, the commitment for financial support of the parent company, commitment for financial support of the financial institutions, guarantee of the financial capacity of the investor, the documents that demonstrate the financial capacity of the investor.

- The contract of head office rental and other documents demonstrating the legal leasing rights of the lessor.

- After having prepared the documents, the enterprises need to come to the responsible authority to be instructed for completing the documents. The documents will be processed 15 days after the reception day. The investment registration company will issue the Investment Registration Certificate. The Department of Planning and Investment is the agent that receives, issues, modifies or retrieves the Investment Registration Certificate of the investment projects.

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Support and Counseling services at Kizuna for establishing electronics manufacturing services companies

The procedures for registering of establishment of an electronics manufacturing services company

- Company’s charter.

- The member list of the multi-member limited liability company; partnership; the list of founding shareholders and foreign shareholders for joint-stock companies. The list of authorized representatives in case of institutional foreign shareholders.

Besides, enterprises need to prepare valid photocopy of these documents:

- Personal identification documents in case of individual founders.

- Establishment license or Business Registration Certificate; or equivalent documents together with personal identification documents of the authorized representative. The equivalent authorizing paper in case of institutional founders.

- Investment Registration Certificate.

Enterprises will submit the documents for the business registration authority of the provincial/ municipal Department of Planning and Investment. The documents will be processed after 5 working days.

Normally almost all of the procedures for establishing an electronics manufacturing services company and professional factory are not very complicated. When submitting the documents the enterprises will be instructed carefully. However, when declaring the enterprise information, we need to pay attention to the details like the enterprise's name, head office address, regulation capital or registered industry. If these information is exactly declared, we can minimize the mistakes and accelerate the document processing.

After being issued the Business Registration Certificate, enterprises need to officially claim on the national information portal about their business registration following the procedure. And finally, enterprises complete the company seal engraving and submit the documents for announcing the company seal with the business registration authority.

electronic manufacturing services company

The procedures for registering of establishment of an electronics manufacturing services company

The post-establishing procedures for an electronics manufacturing services company

After establishing the company, enterprises need to do some more procedures to ensure the smooth operating for their business as below:

- Hang the company signs at the head office.

- Declare the tax calculating method.

- Open the enterprise’s bank account and announce it to Department of Planning and Investment.

- Register the electronic signature and pay the tax online.

- Declare and pay the license tax.

- Order the invoice printing.

- Collecting capital with exact amount and in time within 90 days after the day of Business Registration Certificate Issuing.

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Many electronics manufacturing companies have chosen Kizuna for factories for rent

3 Big electronic manufacturing services company in Vietnam in 2020

1. Fab 9: Locating in Binh Duong, Vietnam. This is a PCB manufacturer which has over 13 years of experience in the field. Fab 9's products are distributed to Japan, Philipines, Singapore, United States and Europe. Its well-known customers are Seagate, View, Fox Semicon,...

2. Sunching Electronics Vietnam: Locating in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Sunching is a Vietnamese PCB manufacturing company. Sunching products are used by Canon, Nidec, Omron, Tokin,...

3. Than Long JSC: Locating in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. The company provide PCBs, PCB Assemblies, Coil Transformers. Than Long's customers are Samsung, Dien Quang, Foster, Canon,...

Besides these 3 big EMS companies, there are more and more electronical companies placed their factories in Vietnam making Vietnam's market become one of the best choice for electronics manufacturing companies in the world.

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