The importance of a cost-effective and stable power supply for manufacturers

Oct 26, 2020

For manufacturers, stable power supply is very important, especially in the fields of high technology, electronic components, food processing, etc. In order to proactively produce continuously and to ensure product quality, factories are often equipped with standby generators. However, the cost of running a generator is many times higher than the main power source. So what is the effective solution, ensuring stable power supply for manufacturing businesses?

Choosing production locations with ready-built factories in industrial zones with stable power supply infrastructure, ready to connect directly to factories is a top priority rather than leasing ready-built factories outside the industrial parks, where enterprises need to invest in the power station and connection by themselves. In most industrial zones, ready-built factories are often provided with 1 EVN power source and enterprises must self-equip backup generators.

In order to help manufacturers save initial power station investment costs and operating costs when they have to invest in backup generators, Kizuna Ready Serviced Factory has invested in building a power supply system, connected to each workshop with 2 EVN power sources with 100% of back-up capacity. Power supply for the factories with two EVN power sources helped businesses reduce the frequency of power interruptions to the lowest level. Kizuna's Operations Management Department always tries to quickly send outage notices to businesses in the area as soon as they receive information from the electricity supplier so that enterprises can promptly adjust their production plan. Kizuna commits to customers within less than 15 minutes to recover the electricity when there is an interruption from one of the two main sources.

Besides, in the last 2 years, Kizuna has put into use a third source from the rooftop solar power system, adding clean power supply to businesses, helping enterprises in the KIZUNA Ready Serviced Factory area meet green certificate requirements in industrial production. With the impacts on the natural environment being increasingly concerned by society, solar energy is the most promising renewable energy source to partially replace non-renewable energy.

Three stable sources of power provide an efficient production environment for businesses operating in the Kizuna Ready Serviced Factory area. Thereby helping businesses save time, quickly deploy production activities, save investment costs and operating costs and maintain competitive advantage.

Source: power supply for manufacturers

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