The price changes of factory renting in industrial zone Vietnam

factory rental Nov 18, 2020

Vietnam is one of the countries who has fast-growing speed. Vietnam's policy is to become the world's leading industrial site. Therefore, many enterprises have come to Vietnam to rent small factory, big factory and factory in industrial zone to expand their production. Long An is currently the destination of many investors. As there are not only high quality factory renting but also the reasonable price to rent a factory. What are the reasons for making factory in the industrial zone near Long An become an investment place of enterprises?

Price to rent a factory in industrial zone in Vietnam has "escalated" in recent years

According to Mr. Dang Van Quang - Director of Jones Lang LaSalle - Real Estate and  Investment Management Company in Vietnam, the real estate market is gradually proving their ability. In a short time, Vietnam has attracted nearly 7.7 billion USD of foreign investment. Of which, 84.9% of total investment capital from abroad and about 6.5 billion USD are invested in processing and manufacturing. Currently, the demand to invest in factories construction and the areas of workshops as small workshop, medium workshop and large workshop are being focused on development. The real estate market is changing day by day, leading to the escalation of the price to rent a factory in Vietnam industrial zone .

rent a factory in industrial zone

Leading to the escalation of the price to rent a factory in Vietnam industrial zone

Renting price of factory in Vietnam industrial zone is the high market leader

Vietnam has just announced the renting price of factory in industrial zone Vietnam, which is heating up in almost every segment. Land renting price in Ho Chi Minh City is leading the whole market. The renting price from US $ 143 per square meter per renting cycle has jumped to US $ 150. With rather high renting costs, Ho Chi Minh City is leading the southern region.

At the same time, the land bank is increasingly limited in major economic centers like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi. This proves that the renting price in Binh Duong industrial park is many times higher. Therefore, many enterprises turned to rent a factory in industrial zone Vietnam near Binh Duong to have a more reasonable price. Suburban areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City are not only upgrading their infrastructure but also have abundant and cheap human resources. They are the factors that have motivated more and more to choose factory in industrial zone near Long An as the location for production bases.

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