What are pros and cons of small size warehouse for rent

factory rental Nov 16, 2020

Many enterprises have currently selected small size warehouse for rent to be production site. As this form owns certain advantages. However, any architectural model has its limitations and so is the small size factory. Let's find out what those advantages and disadvantages are in this article.

Outstanding advantages of Small size warehouse for rent

1. Short construction time

Short construction time is the first plus point for small size factory. As the small size means a narrow construction area,  the construction is fast. This is very beneficial for both contractors and clients. When having small projects, contractors can easily allocate employees to work. On the other hand, the factory owner can immediately implement the production or use it for lease.

2. Cost savings

The second advantage of small size factory is the optimal investment cost. The first is the savings in premise renting cost. For enterprises who rent workshops, this will save a big amount of expenses. Small size warehouse for rent also helps enterprises reduce the cost of restoration and renovation. As restoration costs are calculated according to the area of the work. Big factory will cost more to restore. Therefore, small factory will save more maintenance costs.

small size warehouse for rent

3. High usefulness

High usefulness is a prominent feature that is mentioned the most when discussing about small size factory. Small size factory can be used for many different purposes. A small size factory can be used as a warehouse, production factory, material warehouse, etc. The versatility of this factory helps investors easily change. Or they can relocate parts of the production process if needed. Therefore, it creates flexibility for the production - business process.

Disadvantages but easy to overcome of small size warehouse for rent

1. Limitation on small area

The only obstacle that makes enterprises not select Small size warehouse for rent is the problem of area size. For big-scale enterprises, narrow factories create difficulties, especially in interior design and installation. As big production lines need a large enough space to assemble and operate. Moreover, the number of workers is up to thousands. Thus, small factory will affect the quality and progress of work.

2. Improvement solutions for small factory

However, there is a solution for these enterprises, that is: to use many Small size warehouse for rent at the same time. Or they can choose factory designs whose areas are easy to be expanded. Enterprises need to locate the production factories in a reasonable manner. Thus, the disadvantages of small factory will be solved in half. When breaking down the production process into many parts, it is easier to control. At the same time, enterprises do not have to worry about the renting cost of many factories. As the factory for rent suppliers will have preferential policies when renting factories in a large quantity.

small size warehouse for rent

The second way is to construct more floors in the factory. Currently, high-rise factory is also selected by many enterprises. This additional floor can be used as a warehouse. Or you can design a comfortable office right on this floor. Having both production site and management office, it will be very convenient.

So, small size factory can be said to be very suitable for small and medium enterprises, especially foreign enterprises investing in new markets. When selecting factory, enterprises consider carefully 3 issues: factory condition, price of factory for rent, location. With many years of experience, Kizuna is confident to be the leading service provider for enterprises. Kizuna factory provides an efficient and stable production environment. Enterprises will be satisfied to experience the best services here.

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